"When we had to accommodate our clientele to follow the national guidelines due to COVID-19, our new equipment arrived overnight and we were up and running that day"

L.A. (Health & Wellness)

"Our business has been in the family for generations. It's our livelihood. We put a lot of trust in our payment processor to be honest and we are very happy with how our family business has been cared for."

D.L & S.J. (Hospitality)

"The most transparents and smooth experience I have had with a processing company"

A.Q. (Boutique Owner)

"I have worked with our rep for over 10 years and we plan on at least another 10!"

J.R. (Multi-location Restaurant & Bar Owner)

"I appreciate the in-person meetings and service. Call me old fashioned!"

G.E. (Entertainment)

"From the first meeting to now, 3 years later, I am very satisfied."

K.T. (Automotive)