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How traditional processing works:

Card brands such as Visa and Mastercard charge a fee for every payment transaction.

This fee is called interchange and varies depending on the card used and how the payment was taken.

Payment processors turn a profit by charging additional fees on top of interchange fees.

These fees can be bundled and presented to you as “non-negotiable”. For every transaction you run, the processor makes a profit, leading to high credit card fees for your business.

How processing works at iQ Merchant:

IQ Merchant helps business owners like you save on credit card processing fees by directly passing through Visa and Mastercard’s interchange fees.

Think of it as buying in bulk. It’s cheaper, right? We DON'T make a profit on marking up interchange fees, but rather share wholesale rates with you.

We earn your business everyday and make our profit by charging a flat membership fee based on your monthly credit card sales.

Pick the plan that best fits your current business needs, and we will take it from there. On an average, our merchants see a monthly savings of 40% on their credit card processing fees.


Our consultants will help you understand exactly what you are currently paying and just how much you could be saving. Obligation free.


If you already have a great deal with your currently provider, we have your best interest in mind and will tell you to stay right where you are at.


Expand your reach and generate more sales by offering your customers convenient ways to pay. Anytime, anywhere, with any method.


Customer makes a purchase by swiping or entering a card.


Customer’s acquiring bank receives the transaction request.


Acquiring bank sends the request to the card brand issuer (ie: Visa, Mastercard)


Issuer approves or declines the transaction » communicates the results to customer’s bank » acquiring bank approves or declines the transaction.


Merchant receives payment for customer’s purchase.

Not only do we empower business owners to keep more of their revenue, but our merchants also enjoy the perks of…

No Early Termination Fees

Free Equipment

Next Day Funding

Tailored Solutions

Insightful Reporting

No Statement Fees

Transparent Pricing

Live Customer Support

Ready to start saving? Let's get started.