Contactless Payments

As business owners navigate their way through this fluid season, it is apparent that contactless payments are a hot item! 

Contactless a920 payment

Contactless Payments at your store

  • Wifi or cellular connectivity allowing merchants to accept payments wirelessly
  • Up to 10 hour battery life allows you to move around your store visiting with clients worry free
  • Tap-to-pay with a card or mobile device 
  • Send digital receipts to customers via E-mail or SMS text

Choose your smart terminal

PAX A920

A920 standard

Android Operating System

Wifi + Cellular + Bluetooth

5" Full HD Touchscreen

Swipe + Dip + Tap to pay

Fast customer facing thermal printer


Android Operating System

Wifi + Bluetooth + Ethernet + Dial

4" HD Touchscreen + Keyboard

Swipe + Dip + Tap to pay

Customer facing thermal printer

From your home or office

  • Key enter transactions using the Virtual Terminal on a computer 
  • Send and manage customizable invoices
  • Offer invoice payment via SMS text right from a mobile device
  • Accept payments via secure URL link embedded in an email or on a website
  • Schedule future payments, installments, and recurring payments

Curbside pickup, food truck, out in the field, and more!

  • Keyed Payments: All you need is an iOS or Android mobile device or tablet
  • Contactless: Pair the tap-to-pay card reader with your smart device
  • Build a transaction by selecting products and services from your Item Catalog or enter an amount
  • You deserve a tip! Preset and adjust tips
  • Securely store cards on file for quicker future purchases
  • Refund and void transactions
  • Send digital receipts via E-mail or SMS text message

See how easy Contactless Payments are for yourself!

Customer Dashboard

Every IQ Merchant account comes with a Dashboard! Save time with business insights such as transaction history, tax reports, invoice management, and more.

iQ Business Analytics

Get a holistic snapshot of your business all in one place.

Customize your dashboard

View real time transactions

Access real time reports

Manage your inventory and catalog

Integrate reporting with QuickBooks

View transactions by swiped, dipped, tapped, manual, or cash

Find out who your most frequent customers are with detailed customer insights

Add and remove company users

Automatically receive daily reports in your inbox

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